Aspen Valley Hospital Receives Gift From Lauder Foundation

The Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation in Aspen, Colorado, has received a gift for an undisclosed amount from the Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Fund of the Lauder Foundation for a new patient care facility, the Aspen Daily News reports.

Named in memory of the late Evelyn Lauder, former senior corporate vice president of the Est�e Lauder Companies and wife of Leonard A. Lauder, the Evelyn H. Lauder Patient Care Pavilion will have sixteen private rooms housed within a newly expanded section of the hospital that also includes an oncology/infusion therapy unit, rehabilitation services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy), offices, and a cafeteria.

The gift is the first substantial contribution to a capital campaign — still in its quiet phase — in support of the completion of the hospital's master facilities plan. Phase two of the plan, which will be completed in late summer, includes a new intensive care unit, a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and diagnostic unit, physician offices, and an improved admissions procedure.

"Lauders Make Substantial Donation to AVH." Aspen Daily News 01/04/2013.