Jacobs School of Music Receives $1 Million for Memorial Series

Made possible by a $1 million gift from the Georgina Joshi Foundation, the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University has announced a new master class series in honor of Chris Carducci, Garth Eppley, Zachary Novak, Robert Samels, and Georgina Joshi, who lost their lives in a plane crash in 2006.

To be formally launched on October 22, the annual Five Friends Master Class Series will honor the five students by focusing on topics relevant to their lives and studies at IU — voice performance, choral conducting, early music, and music theory. The series will consist of lectures, master classes, and residencies by celebrated musicians and teachers, and is intended to help others learn about the five friends and their musical talents and passions, as well as encourage the development of current and future music students. The Georgina Joshi Foundation was established in 2007 by Georgina's mother.

"The establishment of this endowment by the families," said music school dean Gwyn Richards, "makes possible the appearance in Bloomington of the leading figures in their fields, to the great benefit of our current students, reminding us all of the particular professional focus that each of the five friends held and the value they themselves placed on professional engagement activities."