Laura and John Arnold Foundation Launches K-12 Education Database

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation in Houston has announced the launch of a Web-based education database system that provides an overview of the national education reform landscape.

Free and open to the public, the Education Resource Information Navigator Project offers data, resources, and other information in five categories — top funders, current policy, research papers, reform organizations, and technology — across thirteen topics, including assessment, charter schools, curricula and programs, data, school funding, and teachers. Each topic is further divided into specific issues such as recruitment and selection, training, teacher certification, and evaluation. Users have the option of suggesting content to be added to the database.

"The ERIN Project assembled a leading group of scholars to survey the research on the most pressing and sometimes controversial issues in education policy. The result is an invaluable tool for policy makers, researchers, and the general public," said Jay P. Greene, who heads the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform and is one of the experts who helped create the database. "The ERIN Project doesn't claim to offer the definitive answer on what works in education, but it provides easy access to resources so that people can make their own reasoned judgments based on the best information available." 

"Laura and John Arnold Foundation Launches Powerful K-12 Education Tool." Laura and John Arnold Foundation Press Release 06/26/2012.