NeighborWorks America Receives $3 Million From Wells Fargo

NeighborWorks America has announced an eighteen-month, $3 million grant from Wells Fargo to strengthen its training resources for nonprofit community development professionals working to help consumers understand the shifting home buying landscape and, in some cases, avoid foreclosure.

The grant will support training and scholarships for homeownership educators and housing counselors through NeighborWorks Training Institutes, local place-based training opportunities, and NeighborWorks' e-learning courses. According to the D.C.-based organization, more than two million households are expected to face foreclosure in the next year.

To remedy the situation, NeighborWorks is working to provide counselors nationwide with the right tools to assist homeowners and prospective homebuyers in need. Each year, the organization awards more than twelve thousand training certificates in homeownership and community lending to housing counseling practitioners.

"This grant from Wells Fargo...[will improve] our ability to provide the latest information and training to housing counselors and other community development professionals," said NeighborWorks America CEO Eileen Fitzgerald. "[It] comes at a time when many are wondering if homeownership is the right thing to pursue. While homeownership is not right for everyone at every point in their lives, having the right information about risks, rewards, and responsibilities from trained housing counselors will help families make the right...decision for themselves."