Nonprofit Hospitals Raised $8.26 Billion in 2010, Survey Finds

Despite a weak economy, U.S. nonprofit hospitals and healthcare systems saw an 8 percent rise in philanthropic giving during 2010, with individual donors contributing almost 60 percent of the more than $8.26 billion raised, a survey from the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy finds.

According to the FY 2010 Report on Giving USA, total giving to nonprofit hospitals and healthcare systems in 2010 fell short of 2007 and 2008 levels, while the 8 percent year-over-year increase in gifts and grants from the $7.64 billion recorded in 2009 was the healthiest in four years.

The survey also found that fundraising costs in 2010 were up while return on investment fell (for the third consecutive year), with the cost to raise a philanthropic dollar rising to 33 cents and return on investment declining, on average, to $3.05 raised for every dollar spent on fundraising. Fundraising programs that help sustain hospitals associated with academic institutions and children's hospitals, those that have been in existence for fifteen or more years, and those with at least four professional fundraisers on staff posted above-average success in securing donations.

"These outcomes for fiscal 2010 were not unexpected. They reflect the slow pace of our economic recovery and shifts in giving priorities that have resulted," said AHP president and CEO William C. McGinly. "Earlier studies AHP released this year also showed signs of progress beginning in 2010, but far from a full recovery from the recession."