Princeton Receives $20 Million From Alumni for Psychology Building

Princeton University has announced a $20 million gift from alumni Nancy Peretsman, class of '76, and Robert Scully, class of '72, toward a new psychology building currently under construction.

Peretsman-Scully Hall is part of a two-building, 248,000-square-foot neuroscience and psychology complex on the southern edge of the campus that houses the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Scheduled to be completed next spring, the complex will feature state-of-the-art research facilities, meeting rooms, faculty offices, and instructional space.

Peretsman is a university trustee and co-chaired Princeton's Aspire capital campaign, which ended on June 30 after raising $1.88 billion. A managing director at investment banking firm Allen & Co., she founded and chaired Princeton's Women in Leadership initiative and is a member of its advisory committee. She and Scully, who retired in 2009 from Morgan Stanley, have also supported Aspire priorities such as annual giving, 1976 Hall in Butler College, and a fund for holistic yoga.

"This is a splendid addition to our campus and to its natural sciences neighborhood," said university president Shirley M. Tilghman. "Thanks to Nancy and Bob's extraordinary generosity, our pioneering faculty in the Department of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute will have an opportunity to work in close proximity, yielding new scope for scholarly collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas."

"$20 Million Gift From Peretsman and Scully Names Psychology Building." Princeton University Press Release 10/18/2012.