New York Association for New Americans

New York Association for New Americans
Founded: 1949

To help immigrants succeed in America.

About the Organization:
The New York Association for New Americans was born in the aftermath of World War II to provide resettlement assistance to Jewish refugees. Over the years, it continued to help Jewish immigrants from countries around the world. In 1972, it aided refugees from Uganda, the first time it helped people of faiths other than Judaism, and later, it assisted the Southeast Asian boat people and those fleeing the Cambodian killing fields. The flow of refugees has slowed since the mid-1990s, and NYANA has shifted its focus, now offering many services to the general immigrant population.

Current Programs:
NYANA works in the areas of refugee resettlement, education and English as a Second Language, legal services and citizenship, health and mental health services (including running a center for women and families, a mental-health clinic, and a substance-abuse program), workforce and economic development, community development, and bi-culturation.

Web Site:
The NYANA Web site details each of the organization's programs (see above), supplies an easy-to-maneuver site map, and provides a list of major funders and related links.

Major support comes from the city and state of New York and the federal government, with additional funding from private and corporate foundations, other nonprofit organizations, and individual gifts.

Contact: Jose Valencia, Acting President and CEO
Phone: (212) 425-2900
Fax: (212) 344-1621