Amie's Place Foundation Offers Support for Programs to Help Keep People and Pets Together During Times of Crisis

Amie's Place Foundation is a New York City-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping support organizations that provide direct services for critically and chronically ill children and adults, veterans, the frail elderly, and women and children fleeing domestic violence who risk losing their pets because no one is there to help them.

About Amie's Place Foundation: It all began in 1982 in Long Beach, Long Island, with the exceptional work of Lewis Gelfand, DVM who provides pet care treatment and assistance for people too ill to care for their pets. Based on Dr. Gelfand's work, Amie's Place Foundation was established in New York City to fund organizations that provide programs for people who need help caring for their pets, who risk losing them during times of crisis, or who face barriers limiting access to their pets when they most need each other. In light of the profound healing effect that pets have on individuals who are going through a difficult, sometimes life-changing event, the Foundation works to provide necessary pet-care assistance and to promote public awareness of the unique relationship a beloved pet and its human companion share. Grants have funded the first Senior Center and hospital-based programs at The Caring Community and St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village, New York City. Amie's Place Foundation has funded programs that include Beth Israel Hospital, JASA, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, MedicAlert Foundation International, PAWS NY, and Search and Care. The Foundation hopes to see these model programs replicated around the nation to prevent the unnecessary separation of people and pets that need each other.

Organizations within and outside New York City are welcome to apply and should mail an LOI prior to submitting an application to: Amie's Place Foundation - Church Street Station - PO Box 1799 - New York, New York 10008. LOIs must include most recent IRS tax-exempt status letter and brief history and goals of the applicant organization; description of the program to be funded and the organization's involvement with the issues it seeks to address; a summary of activities for which the organization requests support; an outline of the organization's objectives, anticipated outcomes and implications. Please include the approximate starting date of the program, the duration that the funding will cover, amount of funding needed, other sources of support, and current contact information of the person responsible for communicating with the Foundation. Following Amie's Place Foundation Board review, qualified organizations will be invited to submit a complete application package.

Visit the foundation Web site, linked below, for more information.