Green Foundation Seeks Grant Proposals from Southern California Nonprofits

The Leonard I. Green Foundation awards grants for both operating and program support to nonprofits working to uncover new opportunities, encourage growth, and ultimately effect positive change within institutions that best reflect the foundation's core focus areas and the communities they serve.

Nonprofits are eligible to apply for funding in the following areas: arts, education, and health and scientific research. Preference will be given to organizations with a history of achievement, good management, and stable finances; and self-sustaining programs with the potential to make measurable impact.

In particular, the foundation is dedicated to supporting institutions that focus on arts outreach and education, with priority given to those institutions that promote the expansion of community arts programs and/or support youth and adult creativity. The foundation also believes that communities whose educational systems are solid will thrive and continue to flourish and supports nonprofits that strive to solve existing problems of juvenile delinquency, gang life, and drugs; are working to expand educational programs for youth and/or adults; encourage the use of technology in youth and/or adult learning; and promote artistic endeavors, including the visual and performing arts.

The foundation focuses on nonprofits that provide hope and support to those least able to help themselves as well as the general community; including children, adolescents, the elderly, the homeless, and families that struggle with domestic abuse.

Nonprofits and programs that fall outside the foundation's established areas of focus will be considered on an individual basis.

The Green Foundation's grantmaking is focused on Southern California charitable organizations; the foundation does not accept grant requests from organizations outside Southern California. To be eligible for support, an applicant organization must be classified by the IRS as a public charity and tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The foundation will not provide funds to individuals, private foundations, or organizations with net assets or fund balances of less than $100,000, nor does it provide support for religious programming, capital or direct mail campaigns, organizations seeking multiyear commitments, or meetings and conferences.

Visit the Green Foundation Web site for grant guidelines, an eligibility questionnaire, information about past grant recipients, and details on submitting a Letter of Inquiry.