Hearing Health Foundation Invites Applications for Research Projects

Since its inception in 1958, the Hearing Health Foundation has supported hearing and balance research elucidating the etiology, diagnosis and treatment, genetics, normal and abnormal function, mechanisms, and development of animal models. As the largest nonprofit funder of hearing and balance research, HHF awards emerging researchers grants to stimulate research that leads to a continuing, independently fundable line of research.

As part of this mission, the foundation is seeking applications for new avenues in a number of areas of hearing and balance science, including central auditory processing disorders, hearing loss in children, hyperacusis, Meniere's disease, stria, tinnitus, and Usher syndrome. HHF also encourages applications in the areas of general hearing health, including the physiology of hearing and balance; the epidemiology of auditory and vestibular disorders; human otopathology; the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hearing loss and balance disturbance; human genetics and mouse models of peripheral and central auditory/balance dysfunction; innovation in cellular and molecular therapies; and auditory and vestibular implants and hearing aids.

Through the program, the foundation will award one-year grants of up to $30,000.

Early-career scientists working in the field of hearing and balance are encouraged to apply.

See the Hearing Health Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: December 13, 2018