Lamp Community

Lamp Community
Founded: 1985

To end homelessness, improve health, and build self-sufficiency among individuals living with severe mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, HIV/AIDS, or other chronic illnesses.

About the Organization:
A pioneer of permanent supportive housing in the United States, Lamp Community was founded on the conviction that homeless people living with a severe mental illness are more likely to succeed in treatment, and in all areas of their lives, when they have a stable home. The organization started as a drop-in center in downtown Los Angeles — which has more people living on its streets than New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco combined — and grew along with the city's homeless epidemic, developing and implementing programs to provide clients with housing, health care, and drug and alcohol recovery services. Today, Lamp Community operates seven sites in downtown L.A.; maintains almost two hundred private, furnished apartments with access to clinical and support services; and assists more than 1,100 people each year, some of whom have been living on the streets for more than a decade.

Current Programs:
Lamp Community provides oversight of the Frank Rice Safe Haven, which has both a thirty-bed residence and a day center that serves 150 homeless mentally ill people; and the Village, which houses fifty people in a community setting and provides employment, counseling, and psychiatric services, along with the only Laundromat and public showers on Skid Row. Other programs include the Lamp Community Art Project, an art studio and school for emerging and established artists who are homeless or formerly homeless and living with a psychiatric illness; and the Skid Row Collaborative, one of eleven federally funded pilot projects that address chronic homelessness. Besides integrated health services, the organization also provides prevention and outreach programs for mentally ill persons at high risk of homelessness who are about to be released from jails, hospitals, and other institutions.

Web Site:
The Lamp Community Web site contains information about the organization's programs (see above), history, and donors, as well as a fact sheet and frequently asked questions.

Lamp Community receives government (federal, state, and local) funding, as well as corporate and foundation grants and contributions from individuals. In fiscal year 2005-06, its operating budget was $4.5 million.

Contact: Casey Horan, Executive Director
Phone: (213) 488-9559
Fax: (213) 683-0969